is the address that is used for the configurations and login for the repeaters. just like all other devices available in the market, repeaters can also be configured using the local address web address.

Are you facing issues with the configurations? Don’t worry, we are all there to assist you any time you need expert assistance regarding the setup and configurations for the address. If you are not aware of the address then let us explain this local address in detail.

How to Setup using

Is it true that you are not able to get the strong signals all across your home with your existing router? Okay, prefer to grow the range and quality of remote signals? If yes, then you can configure your repeater at your property. Feeble Wi-Fi can be somewhat baffling and they don’t have much power to deliver the signals in all the corners of your home or office. So, it is imperative to set up a wireless repeater in your home or office.

A repeater is an innovation that a client can connect with a power outlet and associate with their routers. Merely after completing repeater login by using, you can enjoy the high-speed internet all across your home. You can successfully configure your repeater by following some straightforward New Repeater Setup instructions. Presently, if you don’t know how to set up a repeater, at that point we are here to assist you with it through this website.

To configure your Repeater follow the steps:

  1. Place your repeater in the same room as that of your wireless router.
  2. Turn on your repeater by plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  3. Press the WPS button on the current router and within 2 minutes, press the WPS on the repeater as well.
  4. Another choice to set up your Repeater is to plug the Repeater to the current router utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  5. Open any of your preferred browsers. Navigate to the default web page or you can utilize IP address also.
  6. Choose your mode as a wired range extender(AP mode) or wireless repeater mode.
  7. Choose the network you want to extend and click on the Next button.
  8. At last, click on the finish button.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the New Repeater Setup. Now, you’re free to place your repeater anywhere you like.

Wi-Fi Repeater Setup: WPS Method

WiFi Protected Setup is the simplest method for a wireless-n repeater setup. Follow the below given steps carefully:

  • Plug in the wireless-n repeater to the power outlet.
  • Find the WPS button on your repeater and press it for 8-10 seconds.
  • Push the WPS button for 10 seconds on your home router.
  • Wait for the LED light will turn solid green which means that the repeater has connected with the WiFi repeater appropriately.
  • You might have to repeat this process if only one WiFi LED is on.
  • Press the WPS button on both the devices again.
  • Open the browser and go to web address or IP address and connect to your extended network, using the default credentials

Username – admin

Password – admin

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Wireless Repeater Setup.
  • Finally, your repeater has setup. Presently, associate your Wi-Fi gadgets and appreciate consistent web association everywhere throughout the home or office.

In case, if you’re facing any trouble to configure the wireless-n repeater, feel free to get in touch with our highly qualified experts. WPS Setup

Wi-Fi Repeater Setup Manually: (With an Ethernet cable)

  1. Take a PC or laptop as a medium so as to associate an Ethernet link to the wireless-n repeater.
  2. Enter the in the address bar of the browser. A pop-up box appears, enter the required username and password.
  3. The default credentials are listed as:- in username – admin and password – admin. (Both the username and the password are case sensitive)
  4. Further, after you’re logged in, choose the mode you want your repeater to work as AP mode or Repeater mode.
  5. Enter the SSID (network name) and wireless password you want to setup for your repeater.
  6. Click the Finish button to save all the settings.
  7. Now it’s time to reconnect all the wireless devices to the repeater. LAN Setup

Wireless-N repeater Specifications

Wireless-N Repeater Specifications

In the present situation, there is no doubt the wireless router is one of the best wireless network-enabled empowered with the best innovation features. Besides, in some circumstances, the client can confront a few issues, for example, divider and Multiple floors slowing down the wireless signal while accessing the internet at home or office. In this type of circumstances the Wi-Fi extender wireless-n repeater having the best solution for this issue in the new technology era.

Technical Specifications

  • High speed Wireless-300N is great for video streaming and high traffic networks.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem with Wi-Fi. The product may not be compatible with routers or gateways with firmware that has been altered.
  • Adds WiFi range coverage up to 1,000 square feet, and connects up to 10 devices such as PC, laptops, mobile devices, IP cameras, iPad, and more.
  • High speed Wireless-300N is great for video streaming and online gaming.
  • Supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.
  • Ethernet Port: Simply plug in game consoles, streaming devices, or other nearby wired devices using the Ethernet port for maximum speed.
  • Easy to set up with web address.
  • WPS: Press the WPS button to connect to your home router.

What is is a local address to open the setup portal of a wireless-n repeater. When a user tries to access this web address to setup wireless, because of some technical trouble, it shows an error message or be not able to connect to the site. It’s like a login page for any entrance of a network through this specific product. To open a web address device should be physically associated with an Ethernet cable or your wireless connection with device for proper signals.

We can say that is just a web address that is used to access the setup page of the wireless-n repeater on our computer or laptop for setting up it for the first time. But, while trying to open the on the network, many users often see the error message saying It looks like you may have run into an issue. This could occur because of different reasons. We will see a few blunder messages on various internet browsers. On the off chance that despite everything you discover or face any sort of specialized issue, you can legitimately contact technical specialists.

Troubleshooting issues

Fail to open Follow the steps below: Troubleshooting
  1. If there is a wired connection between wireless repeater and router, be sure that the cable does not have any cuts in it.
  2. Ensure high-speed internet connection.
  3. Use to log in rather than URL.
  4. Clear web cookies, caches, and browsing history of the web browser |
  5. Make sure the correct web address has been entered |
  6. Cross-check wired or wireless network connections.
  7. Reset your web browser and try to access address.
  8. Ensure that you’re typing net address in the URL bar. Login Page Dashboard

The web interface of WiFi repeater can be utilized to monitor, control and manage the settings of the extended wireless network. The default login credentials are referenced on the device label. You can configure all the wireless-n repeater once you login to the web interface. To get to Wi-Fi repeater login page follow these steps

  • Connect to your repeaters wifi
  • Open any internet browser
  • Open
  • Enter the login credentials, the defaults are the admin for both username & password. Dashboard

Quite unfamiliar with the dashboard? Not anymore! Let us introduce you with the setup dashboard of the wireless-n WiFi repeater. It provides you the clear instructions to configure a brand new wireless repeater in AP mode or repeater mode. To access this setup dashboard, power on your repeater as well as computer. After that, open any browser of your choice and go to login page by following the steps mentioned above on this page. Now, go to dashboard and follow the basic instructions to complete the setup.

Access login page to change wireless name and password of Wireless-N Wi-Fi repeater

  • Turn on the repeater and connect to the repeater’s wireless signal name as WiFi repeater.
  • Type in on the address bar
  • Login to the settings of your repeater using admin for both username and password.
  • Choose how you want to setup your device as an access point or a repeater mode.
  • Give a new name to the wireless extended network and choose the desired password
  • Click Save to save the new settings. password change

Is it possible to setup Multiple Wireless-N WiFi repeater on Home Wifi?

Yes, One can use more than one wireless-n repeater on a home wifi network, Make sure the IP configuration of Wi-Fi Repeater is not the same as the usual extender i.e is your extender network. To set up both extenders you will have to use the IP address, or setup URL. You must have to set up one wireless repeater at a time to avoid confusion between the wireless network names.

Note: New Repeater Setup or

Wireless-N Repeater Setup

What to do if not working? Fails To Connect

We usually keep getting the query for a substitute method to access the repeater login page since certain clients get the error while accessing the page utilizing the web address. If you’ve been getting this error simultaneously, don’t bother because we have an answer. The straightforward way to log in to the repeater page is via the default IP address.

  • Simply enter in your browser URL bar and hit enter.
  • Enter your default login credentials as we mentioned above in this site on the displayed page.
  • Now, the rest of the procedure is exactly the same as explained earlier.

Once you’ve successfully installed the firmware upgrade as per all the guidelines, the wireless strength will be automatically boosted.

Wireless-N repeater provides superior connectivity, thanks to its new technology as well as high-performance antennas. But as usual, the connectivity sometimes gets slow due to different blockages such as a concrete wall, multiple floors, high-traffic networks, glass windows, and electronic devices. Remember to place the repeater and router in the same room to resolve this issue. Once you see a solid green LED on your repeater, this means that the device is connected to your home network.

  • WiFi Repeater not broadcasting signals.
  • Repeater Offline
  • Wireless-N Repeater blinking light
  • net fail to load
  • Wireless-N Repeater not connecting to router

How to Check and Upgrade WiFi Repeater Firmware Version?

The firmware plays an important role in any networking device whether it is a range extender or repeater. With the help of the latest version of firmware, you can enhance the performance and strength of your Wireless-n WiFi repeater. Here are the steps for firmware upgrade.

  • Log in to your repeater dashboard via visiting the default web page address
  • Likewise, you can also use the default IP address in the URL bar of the browser.
  • Once you enter into the Wi-Fi repeater login page, you need to enter the default username and the password.
  • Next, click on the ‘Firmware Upgrade’ option to initiate the firmware update process.
  • Now, it will begin the download process and your repeater will automatically reboot while upgrading. Firmware Upgrade

If you can’t upgrade it yourself you can generally connect with our expert through live chat who will assist you with this. Our group of experts is constantly prepared to fix the setup issues or help the clients upgrade the repeater’s firmware. Our 24/7 customer support helps you resolve those issues, it is just one call away and can help fix all possible firmware issues.

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